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Antique Props for Shop Displays, Vintage Books, Antique Books for Display.
Books for Creative Displays

Antique and Vintage Props

Antique and Vintage Props are the latest vogue in enhancing your shop’s look or for that finishing touch to a photo-shoot, window display or event.

Vintage, Antique, Old Books for Creative Displays

We particularly specialise in providing a fast turnaround service in the supply of antique books. Antique books can be used to create a simple, yet timeless display. Whether to compliment a piece of furniture or on their own as a unique feature, old books can be displayed in uniformity or carefully structured to create an eclectic look, making them the perfect item for windows displays, libraries or for those with a passion for creating beautiful interiors.


Please click here for further information about our Library Design Service


Books for Themed Displays

We can also supply books on a particular subject for example; historical, theatrical, sporting, which can match a themed display that you are creating for your business.


Props for Shops, Boutiques, Theatres, Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs & Events

We can supply UK and International customers with vintage, antique and original items such as:

  • Vintage Telephones
  • Old Sewing Machines
  • Vintage Typewriters
  • Porcelain Teapots & Trios
  • Gramophones
  • Old Clocks
  • Vintage Cinema Seats
  • Antique Trophies
  • Antique Decanters
  • Football Programmes
  • Vintage Vinyls
  • Vintage Magazines
  • Old Musical Instruments
  • Old Electric Fans
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